Rail Planner views projects across your entire network

Delta Solutions is proud to present Rail Planner a project data analysis tool to visualise project data across an entire network of infrastructure.  Rail planner was born from the needs of railway companies to plan their projects on the rail network long in advance.

Rail planner allows the user to see what jobs are planned where across the whole network in different times. Although there are systems that allow a true to scale view of projects, what is often required is a more conceptual location view of the project locations on a not-to-scale view of the network.

Rail planner is built on the Proteus platform which allows Rail Planner to provide all kinds of project information from multiple sources in a variety of ways. This includes time phased project information from various data sources , including, P6 and Tilos. It is a highly configurable platform. Hence tracking of corporate KPIs can be reported in a variety of ways including by location.

Although Rail Planner was developed specifically for railways, it could be used for any network infrastructure. Rail Planner is an example of a custom solution that Delta Solutions can create to address customer needs.

You can read more about Rail Planner here.

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