Presenting Proteus

Delta Solutions are pleased to announce that we have been appointed exclusive distributors of Proteus for Australia and New Zealand. Proteus is a Data Analysis system specifically developed for project oriented organisations.

In Project centric organisations, different aspects of projects are usually stored in different systems. Proteus makes it easy to visualise and interact with this disparate data in highly graphical ways.

Significant projects require oversight to ensure project success. The project sponsors need a high level summary of all aspects of a project with an emphasis on areas that require prompt attention. For many years we observed that our customers were spending as much as 2 man weeks of time from high value staff to prepare KPI dashboard reports every month. After extensive research we found that Proteus is the best tool to provide a solution to this requirement.

To our delight, we discovered that Protus can also do much more. You can read more about Proteus here.

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