Proteus Data Analysis

Proteus for Planning data integration and analysis

In Project centric organisations, different aspects of projects are usually stored in different systems. Proteus makes it easy to visualise and interact with this disparate data in highly graphical ways.

Feature highlights:

  • Integrate / Consolidate planning data from different planning systems. E.g: Primavera, Tilos, databases, spreadsheets and more.
  • Track changes to your plans relative to any snapshot.
  • Reporting and analysis on your live data across systems.
  • Rich interactive dashboards presenting data from multiple sources for GAP analysis.
  • Unique analysis capabilities - custom KPIs in dashboard.
  • Minimal deployment time.
  • Link rich data to network diagrams or location diagrams.

Proteus offers the possibility of being an application framework - where a dynamic User Interface (UI) layer can be built on top of your existing data.  We call this feature in Proteus the “Data Layout”.

Proteus also has a unique and extremely powerful analytical engine that can be used to add a layer of configurable business logic.

A typical usage of the Data Layout is to build custom KPI dashboards.

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