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Dynamic Phasing Book For Professionals

Are you working on a bid, claim or actively constructing? Do you have a complex project like rail works, roads, pipeline or buildings? Phase Manager is for you.

Phase Manager allows, simply and intuitively, phasing creation of dynamic works and directly related to the project schedules. What is usually tedious and time-consuming, can be done with Phase Manager in a simple and automated way.

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Phasing In A Few Clicks

Phasing represents the succession of different phases of construction. This diagram makes it possible to visualise the different objectives of the project, including planning materials and resources. An essential tool for coordination, phasing makes it possible to fix the milestones of a project of public works, construction or development, and to follow it while communicating with customers or teams. On the majority of the projects, phasings are made using drawing tools or spreadsheets, which have no connection with schedules. Whilst phasing is often preferred to schedules, it’s often not used as traditional phasing tools make it too time consuming, tedious and expensive. Until now.

Phase Manager Overview


Get Phase Manager Because…

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You've created a phasing to schedule works

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You have already created a phasing to schedule your construction works in detail

Software 26

Manual updates take far too long / are too costly

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You find the classical manual method particularly time consuming, costly to update & disconnected from the schedule

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You don't have the CAD skills to do phasing well

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In your role as a civil engineer, building a phasing requires important CAD skills that you don’t really have. Hence needing a design draftsman.

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Updating phasing using CAD is very difficult

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In your role as a CAD draftsman, updating phasing is very heavy and you would prefer to invest your time elsewhere.

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You want more powerful simple & software

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You would like a more simple and powerful software, to better use your time on variant search and schedule optimisation.

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You want phasing from a schedule & vice versa

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You are also interested in creating a phasing from a schedule or creating a schedule from a phasing.

Phase Manager In 5 Steps

STEP 1: Import your drawings in PDF, DXF, SVG or PNG

STEP 2: Create your project areas and axes by drawing directly on your map / plan or by selecting objects on your SVG or DXF file

STEP 3: Import your work tasks from an existing schedule or create your work tasks in a simple & intuitive way directly on to your drawings.



STEP 4: Adjust & optimise your phasing by adding legends, timescales, GANTT charts, pictures, icons, traffic symbols, signals & more in a user-friendly interface.



STEP 5: Generate you Flip Book, Phase Maps & Construction Situations by the touch of a button. Phase Manager will automatically add & order tasks, pictures & symbols etc.



Phase Manager Is Designed For You

Be focused on the best scheduling with minimum of effort. It saves time, guaranteed updated phasing & 100% compliant to your plannings. It produces high-quality deliverables to improve communication with all project stakeholders.

Simple yet powerful

Great user experience

Fast & easy updates

HD deliverables

GANTT charts

Phase Manager Pipeline Construction



Daniel Cadena Manager


Very nice and clean, it gives your phasing a professional impression. Create and update phases through the native GANTT chart is extremely fast and useful. Phase Manager is from now on in my toolbox.


Matthieu Drago, EIFFAGE Project Manager

We used Phase Manager to complete a bid for a project in the Paris area. After planning in TILOS, it was necessary to carry out a phasing of the work with plan views to better appreciate the spatio-temporal progress of the different tasks. Thanks to Phase Manager, the phasing book was quickly completed. This made the schedule more meaningful so that everyone could understand it.

Vinci Construction

Manon Legouge, Research Engineer, Vinci Construction

It was during a price study on a dike construction project that I discovered Phase Manager. In just a few hours, we were able to produce very professional and impressive phasing books to enhance our offer.

Vinci Construction
Colas Rail
SD Ingenierie


Frequently Asked Questions

Phase Manager benefits

A phasing book creation, useful to ensure the relevance of a scheduling, is particularly time-consuming work that often involves different team members such as a method engineer, a construction engineer and a designer.

Creating a phasing book is often time consuming and error prone. With traditional methods, updates and changes are purely manual. Phase Manager transforms the way to create phasing by bringing SIMPLICITY of creation, speed of UPDATE, and GUARANTEE of accuracy.

Phase Manager allows you to plan directly on your drawings. It’s a fun and professional approach to build a phasing. 


Is Phase Manager easy to use?

Phase Manager is developed by placing the user experience at the heart of our concerns. Phase Manager is very intuitive and has a very ergonomic interface.

2 hours of online training is offered with the software license to help you get started with Phase Manager. Online documentation and a tutorial will help you to discover all software features.

What are the software prerequisites?

The minimum system configuration is as follows

  • Windows 7 Professional (64 bits)
  • OR Windows 8 Pro (64 bits)
  • OR Windows 10 Pro (64 bits)


JAVA Environment: JAVA 8 or more, 64 bits

Is Phase Manager suitable for a small business?

Phase Manager is for any company that needs to create phasing. From the contractor to the construction major, through the engineering offices, project owners, dealers …

As the tool is easy to use, it can be used by engineers, project assistants …

Phase Manager is used in many building and public works industries.

Does it come with documentation?

This online help is updated regularly.

CASE STUDY: Office renovation


Redevelopment of an office floor.


Planning done in Phase Manager.


Only two drawing are used on this project (the initial plan after removal of the partitions and the final plan), and the planning situation helped to create automatically intermediate drawings.


Processing time: 3 hours
PHASE: Execution 

CASE STUDY: Bridge construction


Bridge construction on a highway despite the traffic.


Planning was carried out entirely in Phase Manager.


We note drawing evolution based on the progress and also the traffic patterns according to the work, essential aspect to build an intelligible phasing.


Processing time: 3 hours
PHASE: Execution

CASE STUDY: Rail works


Train and railway works on an operating line – Track-ballast renewal, sleepers, switches and rail replacement, bridge deck replacement and other civil works.


Planning has been done through TILOS software.


The customer wanted to check whether train traffic was possible for the entire duration of the project and on which conditions.


Processing time: 1 hour
PHASE: Execution

CASE STUDY: Territorial development


Construction of an ECO-DISTRICT in Montpellier (Port Marianne).


Scheduling data is not accurate as it is a Sample Project for Phase Manager.


On this sample we use two maps, the first one from Google Earth to see the initial situation, the second one taken from the “client” which represents the expected final situation. The phasing gradually shows the elements of the architectural project on the initial plan, depending on the progress.


Processing time: 2.5 hours
LOCATION: Montpellier, France
PHASE: Execution

The scheduling engine

Schedule your works easily

Phase Manager has a very intuitive and fun planning engine that will allow you to create links between your tasks on a GANTT chart, to consider calculation methods (Duration, Quantity and workrate) and to manage special calendars.

Add tasks through the GANTT chart

Easily change the time scale

Create a sequence without effort

What are the hardware requirements?

The minimum hardware configuration for running Phase manager is as follows:

Processor i5,
6 GB RAM (or more)
Graphical card 2Go
Resolution: at least 1920 x 1080
If you have an USB License: Transcend or Kingston branded keys only and, if possible, USB 3.0 for optimal usage.

Do you pay an annual fee for Phase Manager?

Phase Manager licences are perpetual licences (your licence is for life). Annual maintenance fees are to be expected if you wish to benefit from software updates (version upgrades).

What are the various types of licence?

 Several licence types  are offered with Phase Manager:

  • The single-user licence, perfect for installation on a specific workstation. The licence is associated with a computer.
  • The USB licence, perfect for mobility, on site or elsewhere, no matter which computer you are going to work on, everything is on the USB key.
  • The shared licence, very useful for small workgroups. With the shared licence, one or more tokens are shared between several end users. In terms of stock management, it’s ideal! Everything is centralised by your IT department. 

CASE STUDY: Commercial area


As part of its urban development policy, Saint-Jean-de-Monts wanted to create a new cluster of companies, and thus acquired 17 ha including 10 ha assigned to buildings. As a compensatory measure, she acquired 20 ha of Marais Breton. Oryon, owner in charge of this project, therefore relied on Phase Manager for the management of compensatory measures.


Planning had been done by construction companies with Excel.


This is a proofing phasing made after execution of the work. Images attached to tasks come from the construction site. The phasing allowed essentially to communicate on the execution of the work and to build a return on experiences.


Processing time: 1 day
LOCATION: Saint-Jean-De-Monts
PHASE: Post Execution 

CASE STUDY: Road networks


Due to the problem of adhesion on the roadway, the right-hand roundabout had to be rehabilitated. Construction of a retaining wall and retrofitting of sidewalks and curbs were added to the program.


Planning has been done through TILOS software.


The phasing was done with Phase Manager to manage as well as possible users circulation during works. It allowed to adjust the scheduling of the works in order to reduce the inconvenience for the users.


Processing time: 2 hours
PHASE: Execution

CASE STUDY: Pipeline construction


Construction of 100 km of pipeline, with road / rail crossings, water crossings and protected areas.


Planning has been done with TILOS software, a Time-Distance diagram software


In order to facilitate the understanding of the execution plan, the schedule was projected in Phase Manager. The phasing offers a better reading of the interfaces, makes it possible to identify the hard points and to verify the respect of the environmental constraints.


Processing time: 1 hour
PHASE: Execution 

CASE STUDY: Highway widening

Plan view and cross section view

This motorway widening project generated numerous impacts on the entire road. The phasing diagram shows, in a specific area, the schedule on a plan view and on a cross section. This approach makes it easier to check the coherence of the schedule with all project constraints (traffic, environmental impact, etc.)


Processing time: 1 day
PHASE: Claim


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