Integrating TILOS with other scheduling tools.

TILOS is a fully functional Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling tool. That is, you can do all your project scheduling inside TILOS if you wish. However, there are some highly misleading claims made about TILOS in the marketplace. You are not compelled to do your scheduling inside TILOS. You can edit your schedule data in the tool of your choice and then share that task data with TILOS for presentation purposes. In fact, most people start off this way with TILOS.

Once your task data is inside TILOS you are likely to identify issues and opportunities in the schedule that were extremely difficult to detect in the Gantt chart tool. TILOS goes further than identifying risks. You can then easily edit the schedule to create an optimised plan inside TILOS. In fact, you can have TILOS calculate certain optimised plans for you. You can also easily do scenario testing within TILOS and instantly see the consequences of changes. You are then using TILOS as your planning tool. In addition, you may export the optimised plan back out to your Gantt chart tool to continue planning in your tool of choice.

The next stage is to use TILOS to track your progress during the project. This may become vital for several reasons including for claims analysis. Here again, you can do this all in TILOS, but you can also use TILOS in conjunction with a Gantt chart tool. TILOS will not compel you to use it in a certain manner.

TILOS integrates with Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, Asta Powerproject and many other tools. Ask us today to give you a short webinar to learn more about how these scheduling tools can work together to give you the best of both worlds.

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