Several solutions require configuration for your particular data and business requirements - such as Proteus and Spider. Typically we configure these solutions to fit your particular needs as well as train some 'power users' in your organisation to make future changes.

We understand that sometimes there simply isn't time to learn how to be proficient in a new tool when a deadline is fast approaching. We can either provide a service around these systems or we can refer you to one of our service partners.


We encourage you to invest in one of our training courses to build up expertise in Tilos within your organisation. Initially we may recommend that you also engage us for a few days to help you 'template' up specific views and 'project objects' inside Tilos to help you realise business benefits sooner. This inevitably results in more sophisticated views being presented. It can also consolidate the learning process.

We understand that sometimes there simply isn't time to learn how to be proficient in a new tool when a deadline is fast approaching. We have over 8 years experience in assisting our customers to submit tenders in Tilos. Several of our Tilos clients and partners are also independent consultants who can help you with specialist assistance in specific industries or for specific project phases - such as for claims.


Proteus is configured to connect to your specific data and display it in whatever ways you desire. We typically do at least the initial configuration for you or in collaboration with your team. Once Proteus has been implemented for one particular need, additional needs are often identified and additional 'workspaces' required. You then have the option to either training up your own people to configure new workspaces in Proteus or engaging Delta Solutions to configure new workspaces for you. We might also work with one of our data access partners to deliver a solution for you.


Spider is a transformational solution. This is because people that were previously work in 'data islands' will now be dynamically sharing data with others. It is important that this business process change is managed carefully. Hence we lead your organisation through this process.

Spider is configured for your specific needs. We lead workshops to help you define those needs in a way that can be configured into Spider. We then do all the configuration within Spider for you. That way we deliver a solution rather than just a system.


ELENA is a 3D CAD data interface. The application has a fully configurable data model, making ELENA flexible and adjustable to any specific needs of your projects. We work with the software developers, CLA to configure ELENA for your specific requirements.

Your requirements

We are flexible in the services that we provide for our clients. Contact us for a confidential discussion on how we might be able to assist you.