Benefits of TILOS Software

TILOS software is custom designed for linear construction projects. It is a boon to the construction industry as it has a ton of features, is flexible, it is easy to use and great for planning projects of all types. TILOS Software will save you time and money, not only on cost of software, but also on staff training, project scheduling and labour. It will streamline your project management systems, saving you time and resources.

TILOS Software is Ideal for Use on Many Types of Construction Jobs

Many forms of scheduling software are specifically designed for just one industry. TILOS is perfect for use on all infrastructure construction projects including highway, railway, pipeline and tunnel construction, water engineering and transmission line building. The software is versatile — meaning that you need just one software package for all your major construction projects.

Simple to Use

This visual software combines time and distance in one powerful project management tool. Although the types of diagrams, charts, reports and analysis are varied, the software is designed to be easy to interact with.

Your project can be planned naturally by drawing it on the screen. The package has a full graphical interface. It is specifically designed for time-distance project types. Company templates can be set up to help you when repeating common tasks.

Discover the ease of use with a TILOS software free download or speak to us about TILOS software training for your managers and team.

TILOS Software is a Unique Time-Distance Management Tool

The time and distance features of TILOS Software mean that you can easily see clashes in schedules and alter them to streamline your project. The software provides maximum flexibility for implementing your job. TILOS allows you to realistically plan your project using construction specifications.

Great for Sub Projects

Any smaller builds of your project can be included as a sub project with TILOS software. This can include pump stations, bridges, outbuildings and more. Major milestones can be linked to your main project. Sub projects can be viewed in the same view to show the overall progress of the project and in separate views for different audiences. Everything is in the one spot.

Linear Schedule in Chart Format

TILOS software displays in an interactive chart format. Generally, the distance axis is horizontal, and the time axis is vertical. However in TILOS the time and distance axes can be orientated in either way and in either direction, allowing greater flexibility in how you visualise your project. The task line shows the productivity of your construction team. Overlapping tasks lines show areas for planning improvement. Block tasks represent areas where your team are stationary, for example when road boring or constructing bridges. With TILOS schedule it is easy to see exactly where your project is at, and makes changes to improve the work flow and timeline. You can see when clashes are likely to occur - and quickly change the work schedule to prevent this.

Easy to Keep Up to Date

TILOS allows the project control team to capture WHERE progress occurred. Highlighting any areas that have been skipped and what the consequences of deviating from the plan might be. The standard project metrics such as percent complete and quantities can be easily captured. What is unique is that the location of work can be tracked as well. This information can be fed directly from site into TILOS easily, thus avoiding double entry. Which means that progress can be captured and presented rapidly and more often, to a larger audience. Progress capture and presentation is taught in our TILOS software training course.


Achieve a rapid return on investment and constantly save on new projects with TILOS software. Discover how TILOS could transform your business and ask us to give you a one hour run through of the software. There is also a TILOS software free download available so you can try it yourself.

High Quality Results

TILOS gives high quality results for all your linear projects. The outcome is a professional solution that is visually appealing and creates maximum efficiency for your company. TILOS software makes your projects organised, productive and cost effective.

Progress Claims are Easy with TILOS Software

When you use TILOS, it is easy to use baselining to compare the planned versus the actual schedule. It is easy to show where the work has been done on your project – not just when it was completed.

TILOS allows you to plan and track your project tasks in time, direction, speed, and location. It is unique project management linear software. We can organise an online presentation and a free TILOS software download so that you can test out the software. We know that you will be delighted.

Contact us to talk about the benefits of TILOS software for your construction project today. Our knowledgeable and friendly team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in TILOS software.

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