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TILOS 10.3MR1 is now in final user testing.

TILOS version 10.3MR1 is now in final user testing. The major changes with this release include; various enhancements to the BIM Integration with Trimble Connect, dynamic changes to the schedule when you make changes to a Mass Haulage diagram and over 60 fixes to various issues. We recommend that you contact us before upgrading TILOS.
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You can now pay by credit card.

We are pleased to announce that we can now accept credit card payments. We have partnered with an Australian payment platform to be able to offer a simple and secure way for you to pay by credit card. Talk to us today if you wish to pay with Master Card or VISA.
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Integrating TILOS with other scheduling tools.

TILOS is a fully functional Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling tool. That is, you can do all your project scheduling inside TILOS if you wish. However, there are some highly misleading claims made about TILOS in the marketplace. You are not compelled to do your scheduling inside TILOS. You can edit your schedule data in…
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Benefits of TILOS Software

TILOS software is custom designed for linear construction projects. It is a boon to the construction industry as it has a ton of features, is flexible, it is easy to use and great for planning projects of all types. TILOS Software will save you time and money, not only on cost of software, but also…
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Introducing Spider

Delta Solutions is excited to introduce Spider engineering data management. Spider give the user a familiar spreadsheet user interface, yet the data is stored in a database and can be subject to data integrity and data workflow business rules. In other words - the best of both worlds! Management and control of multi-disciplinary engineering data…
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Introducing PUMA5

Piping Management System Puma5 is an integrated engineering IT suite that supports all the activities of the piping discipline, managing the line list, piping specification development, material management up to the generation of material requisitions. Puma5 guarantees the integrity of data improving the overall quality of the project execution, reducing the impact of costs and…
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Rail Planner views projects across your entire network

Delta Solutions is proud to present Rail Planner a project data analysis tool to visualise project data across an entire network of infrastructure.  Rail planner was born from the needs of railway companies to plan their projects on the rail network long in advance. Rail planner allows the user to see what jobs are planned where…
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Tilos 9 -Mass Haul and Location Planning Software

We are pleased to announce TILOS version 9.0 time and location-planning software for highways, railways, pipelines, tunnels, water engineering, and transmission line construction and other linear civil engineering projects. Trimble® TILOS mass haul and location planning software, merges technical and schedule information into one dynamic plan, giving users more information than Gantt charts or network…
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