Tilos Software Training

We strongly recommend investing in TILOS software training. The application is a fully functional and highly capable linear planning tool. Formal training will provide you with the knowledge to realize the full potential of TILOS and deliver the full business benefits this application provides. Like most graphical software, TILOS is easy to use - when you know how.

Tilos Software Training Courses

We have over 8 years’ experience in TILOS software training. Over that time, we have developed a proven methodology to train your staff to be proficient in TILOS.

The core of Tilos software training is our Standard Training course. In this course, you will learn the core functionality of Tilos. You will also start to prepare a schedule and a view of your particular project or tender. This will help you to apply your learning to real-world project requirements. Hence, you come out of this course knowing how to use Tilos and already on your way to producing a business outcome.

For earthmoving projects we offer an optional one day course on Mass Haulage within Tilos.

For railway possession and short-term projects, we offer an optional course on the specific rail features of Tilos.

We highly recommend our optional one-day Tracking Progress in Tilos software training course. This course will teach you how to track progress in the distance as well as time. It will also show you techniques to load progress direct from the site into Tilos. This feature alone could save weeks of data entry work on a typical infrastructure project - while at the same time providing much more accurate and pertinent distance progress information. In addition, you will learn how to present this progress information in a number of unique ways for different audiences.

Contact us to request a full course description for these Tilos software-training courses.

We typically put together a package of relevant courses for your organization. We normally come to your organization to train your team in Tilos. If you have other Tilos software training requirements, please contact us today to discuss your needs.